Lexicon is a reference containing an alphabetical list of words with information about them..


AC/DC – Bisexual
ACTIVE – The aggressive sexual partner
AGATE – A small penis
ANALINGUS – Kissing, licking and penetration of the anus by the tongue
ANGEL – Male who pays for sexual acts
ANUS – The opening of the rectum
AROUND THE WORLD – The act of kissing the entire body as a prelude to sex
ASEXUAL – Absence of sexual feeling
ASS – The buttocks
ASSHOLE – The anus
AUNTIE – An aging male homosexual
AUTO-EROTICISM – Masturbation
AUTO-FELLATIO – Performing fellatio on ones own penis
AUTO-SADISM – An act whereby one inflicts pain on oneself
AUXILIARY INTERCOURSE – Sexual climax achieved by moving the erect penis back and forth in the armpit


BACK SCUTTLE – Perform anal intercours
BAG – The scrotum
BACK YARD – The buttocks
BALL – A wild sex activity
BALLS – The testicles
BANANA – The penis
BASKET – The bulge made by male sex organs in jeans, briefs and trunks
BASKET SHOPPING – Observing the male genitalia through clothing
BEAT OFF – Masturbation
BEEFCAKE – Male possessing sex appeal
BENT STICK – An unerectable penis
BI-SEXUAL – One who enjoys both sexes
BITCH – A loose woman or feminine male
BLIND – An uncircumcised penis
BLOW – To perform oral intercourse
BLOW JOB – The act of oral intercourse
BLUE BALLS – Severe need to experience sexual orgasm
BLUE MOVIES – Porno movies
BOOBS – Female breast
BONKERS – Female breast
BRING OFF – Ejaculation in the male
BRONCO – Young male who is difficult to restrain during intercourse
BROWN – To perform anal intercourse
BROWNIE QUEEN – Passive partner in anal intercours
BUGGER – To perform anal intercourse
BULL-DYKE – A masculine female homosexual
BUMMER – Active partner in anal sex
BUNS – The buttocks


CAMP – Behave in an effeminate manner
CAN – The buttocks
CANDY MAKER – A woman or man who masturbates a male and then consumes the ejaculated semen
CASTRATION – Render the testicles inoperable by surgery
CHANGE YOUR LUCK – To engage in a gay sex act for the first time
CHASTE – To engage in the most orginary sexual activites
CHEAT- To be unfaithful to one’s regular sex partner
CHEEKS – Fleshy portions of buttocks
CHERRY – One who is still a virgin
CHICKEN – A young, attractive male
CIRCUMCISION – Surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis
CLAP – Gonorrhea or other venereal disease
CLIMAX – To achieve the high point of sexual activity. Often refers to ejaculation by the male
CLIT – The clitoris
CLITORIS – Anatomical structure of the female genitalia
CLOSET QUEEN – A male homosexual who hides his desires for other men
COCK – The penis
COCKSUCKER – One who performs oral intercourse on the penis
COCKTEASER – One who excites a male wihtout carrying on to actual sexual relations
COITUS – Sexual intercourse
COITUS IN ANO – Anal intercourse
COITUS INTERRUPTUS – Withdrawal of the penis prior to ejaculation
COLD – Unresponsive to sexual relations
COME – To achieve sexual orgasm
CONDOM – Rubber sheath worn on the penis
CONTINENCE – To refrain from sexual activity
CORNHOLE – Anal intercourse
CORONA- Rim of flesh which forms the base of the head of penis
CRABS – Lice which infect the pubic area of the body
CROTCH – Juncture of the thighs with the body; the genitals area
CRUISE – The hunt for a sex partner
CUNDRUM – A rubber sheather worn on the penis
CUNNILINGUS – Stimulating a woman’s genitals with your mouth
CUM – Semen
CUNT – The vagina


DAISY CHAIN – A group sex activity in which there is a linking of several people by oral connections
DERRIERE – The buttocks
DICK – The penis
DIDDLE – To perform masturbation
DOG – An unattractive person
DOG FASHION – Sexual position used by canines
DONG – The penis
DOSE – Gonorrhea or other venereal disease
DRAG QUEEN – Male who dresses in female clothing
DRIVE IT HOME – Forceful intercourse
DRY FUCK – Moving against on another, clothed. To simulate intercourse
DYKE – A lesbian


EASY……..A person who needs little persuasion to perform sex acts
EAT – To perform oral intercourse
EFFEMINATE – Descriptive of a male who acts in a feminine manner
EJACULATION – Discharge from the penis during sexual climax
ERECTION – The sexual aroused state caused by a rush of blood into the veins and capillaries of the penis, coupled with a valve action which prevents its release, and further aided by the contraction of certain surface muscles on the penis, all of which combine to keep it in a hard and extended configuration until the stimuli is taken away or ejactulation occurs
EUNUCH – A male who has had his testicles removed
EXHIBITIONIST – A person who derives sexual gratification by displaying his body to others


FAGGOT – A male homosexual
FAIRY – A male homosexual
FAMILY JEWELS – The testicles
FANNY – The buttocks
FELLATIO – To kiss, nibble, lick or suck the penis
FETISH – An object or part of the body whic is normally considered non-sexual but which arouses erotic feelings such as leather, rubber, fair, feet, panties, etc.
FIFTH WHEEL – A heterosexual in a homosexual group
FISH – A female
FISTING – Inserting your entire hand into your partner’s vagina or anus
FLAGELLATION – Whipping or beating to sexual orgasm
FRENCH – To perform oral intercourse
FRUIT – A male homosexual
FULL HOUSE – Having more than one venereal disease at the same time


GANG BANG – Group sex where one is fucked consecutively by many
GAY – Homosexual
GENITALS – The human reproductive organs
GET IT UP – To achieve an erect penis
GET SOME – To attain sexual intercourse with someone
GET YOUR ROCKS OFF – To ejaculate
GIVE HEAD – To perform oral intercourse
GLORY HOLE – An opening cut into the partition between two commode stalls in a men’s restroom through which oral intercourse can be performed
GO DOWN ON – To perform oral intercourse
GOLDEN SHOWER – One person urinates on another for sexual pleasure
GOOSE – Press a finger into the cleavage of the buttocks
GREEK – To perform anal intercourse
GROPE – To handle another’s genitals
G-STRING – A small brief worn over the genitals


HAND JOB – Masturbation, particularly at the hands of another
HAND MADE – A large penis allegedly developed through masturbation
HARD ON – An erect penis
HARD UP – Lack of sexual activbity and need for a sex partner
HETROSEXUAL – One who desires sex only with the opposite sex
HOMOSEXUAL – One who desires sex only with the same sex
HORNY – Sexually aroused; passionate
HORSE AROUND – To explore sexually without engaging in intercourse
HOT PANTS – Sexually aroused
HUNG – To describe the size of a large penis
HUSTLER – Prostitute that searches for customers


IMPOTENT – Unable to engage in sexual intercourse
INCEST – Sexual relations between family members


JACK OFF – To masturbate
JAIL BATE – One who is under 18 years of age
JERK OFF – To masturbate
JOHN – One who financially supports another for sex favours
JOINT – The penis


KICKS – Sexual thrills
KNOCK OF A PIECE – To have sexual intercourse


LACE CURTAINS – The foreskin of the penis
LAVENDER – Pertaining to the homosexual lifestyle
LAY – To perform sexual intercourse
LESBIAN – A female homosexual
LIBIDO – Sexual appetite
LOAD – The fluid from an ejaculation


MAKE OUT – To succeed sexually
MARY – An effeminate-acting male
MASOCHISM – Where sexual gratification is acheived by pain
MASTURBATION – Manual manipulation of genitals
MATINEE – A sex session in the afternoon
MEAT – The penis
MUTUAL MASTURBATION – Where partners manipulate each other’s genitals


NARCISSISM – One who is stimulated by one’s own body
NECK – To embrace, kiss and fondle
NUTS – The testicles


OLD DIRT ROAD – Using the anus for intercourse
OLD MAN – One who supports a younger sex partner
ONE NIGHT STAND – A sexual affair between two or more people who will probably never see each other again
ONE WAY – Will perform only one type of sexual activity
ORAL INTERCOURSE – A sexual activity whereby the mouth of one person is used in connection with the sexual organs of another person to produce sexual gratification
ORGASM – The peak of sensation during sexual activity


PANSY – A male homosexual
PASSIVE – The fuckee
PEARL DIVER – One who performs oral sex on the penis
PECKER – The penis
PEDERASTY – Insertion of the penis into the anus
PEDOPHILIA – Sexual love of a child by an adult
PEEPING TOM – A voyeur
PENIS – The male sex organ consisting of head, shaft and base
PERINEUM – The area between the anus and the testicles, anus and vagina
PERVERT – One who receives sexual gratification from kinky sex acts
PETER – The penis
PHALLUS – The penis
PICKUP – Stranger who is induced to go elsewhere for sex
PISS HARD ON – An erect penis caused by the need to urinate
POCKET POOL – Masturbating through pants pocket
POKE – To engage in sexual intercourse
PRE-CUM JUICE – Natural lube which oozes from the penis
PRO – A prostitute
PROSTATE – Glands at base of urethra which eject semen
PT – A prick teaser
PUNK – A male prostitute
PUSHOVER – Easily persuaded to engage in sex
PUSSY – Vagina


QUEEN – An effeminate male homosexual
QUICKIE – A very brief sex act


RAPE – Forcibly perform sexual intercourse
RECTUM – The tube between the colon and the anus
RIM – To use the tongue on the anus
ROD – The penis
RUBBER – A condom


SADISM – Sexual stimulation associated with the desire to inflict pain, physical or mental on another
SADOMASOCHISM – Both sadism and masochism existing in the same person
SCORE – To achieve sexual intercourse
SCROTUM – The pouch or sac with contains the testicles
SEA FOOD – A sailor as a sex object
SEMEN – The fluid produced during ejaculation of the male
SHOOT – To achieve orgasm
SIXTY-NINE – Genital oral intercourse performed on each other simultaneously by two partners
SMEGMA – White matter which collects under the foreskin of the penis
SODOMY – The insertion of the penis into the anus
SPERM – The fluid that erupts from the penis during ejaculation
STALLION – A male who posesses a very large penis
STRAIGHT – A heterosexual
STUD – A male who is in great demand as a sex partner
SUCK OFF – To perform oral intercourse on the penis
SUGAR DADDY – A man who keeps a younger person for sexual favors
SWINGER – One who accepts free love
SWISH – A male who behaves in a feminine manner
SWITCH HITTER – A bi-sexual


TEA ROOM – A public men’s rest room
TESTICLES – The male reproductive glands
THIRD SEX – Homosexuals tounge
TONGUE (VERB) – To perform oral intercourse
TOOLBOX – The male genitals
TRADE – A passive male prostitute who caters to homosexuals
TRICK – A sex partner
TURN A TRICK – To take on a sex partner for money


URETHRA – Duct which carries urine and semen
UROLAGNIA – Sexual pleasure from watching another drink urine


VACUUM CLEANER – One who applies great suction during oral sex
VAGINA – Orifice of female sex organs
VANILLA SEX – Any non-kinky sex acts
VERSATILE – Bi-sexual
VIRILTY – The sexual power and capacity of a male lover
VOYEUR – One who gains sexual satisfaction from watching others undressing or engaged in sexual acts


WATER SPORTS – Sex play involving urine. Also called piss play
WHAM BAM – Rapid and hurried sexual activity
WIENER – The penis
WORK OFF – To masturbate
WORK UP – To create passion of to be passionate