1. Newton’s Method:
Let, the lion catch you. For every action there is equal and opposite =
reaction. Implies you caught lion .

2. Einstein Method:
Run in the direction opposite to that of the lion. Due to higher =
relative velocity, the lion will also run faster and will get tired =
soon. Now you can trap it easily.

3. Schrodinger Method:
At any given moment, there is a positive probability that lion to be in
the cage. So set the trap, sit down and wait.

4. Inverse Transformation Method :
We place a spherical cage in the forest and enter it. Perform an
inverse transformation with respect to lion. Lion is in and we are out.

5. Thermodynamic Procedure:
We construct a semi-permeable membrane which allows every thing to pass
it except lions. Then sweep the entire forest with it.

6. Integration Differention Method:
Integrate the forest over the entire area. The lion is some where in
the re! sult. So differentiate the result PARTIALLY w.r.t lion to trace out the